I coach and mentor those who want to launch a new career or start a business
I help people define career strategy, narrow
choices, deal with fears and start
moving in a new direction

I coach and mentor those,
who want to launch a
new career or start
a business
I will help you to choose direction, set clear goals,
create a plan and get all support in your actions
My clients are clever and successful professionals. However they might have reached the 'ceiling' at work or want to find more meaning in their career

These are people who are eager to try something new and want to have more clarity in where they are heading

These are people who feel responsibility for their family, for parents, for kids and thus it might be difficult to make a decision that might change their life.
I'll help you to discover your strengths, focus on your talents and find support in what could be the most important change in your life.
I work with clients in the following areas:
You want to find a job in a different country
Moving countries is a big change. Sometimes it requires us to rethink our previous careers and make new decisions. I will help you to review your skills, talents and strengths and choose the best option for you
You want to come back to work after a long career break
Coming back to work after a career break is not easy. It requires remembering who you are and what you can do. I help you get confidence to make the best career move.
You feel you don't like what you do, but are afraid to change
You might have already spent few years thinking that you don't like what you are doing. It may be boring, you don't see career growth opportunities, you can't connect to the company's mission. But you haven't done much to change this situation. Is it time to rethink your career now?
You do not have support from family or friends in starting something new
Sometimes our nearest circle — friends or family — don't support our aspirations and may label them as 'crazy', 'not sustainable' and so on. I suggest exploring your ideas and make a solid business case, so you get confidence in starting something new
You feel own potential, but you do not know how to realise it
You know your own potential deep down. But you don't realise it. It's sad. I suggest we explore different options for you and find a way to try them out, so you get a sense of what is possible for you
You have already taken the first steps, but you got stuck on the way
You've discovered your strengths, you know your potential, you've started moving. However difficulties on the way make you think: is it really what I aspired for? I help you to reflect on your way and choose the best way forward
I support you in defining your clear goals, listen to your heart and map your career aspirations. Here starts the change…
We will start with your career vision, strengths and talents

I will help you to define your career aspirations, what's important. I will offer you tests defining your strengths and talents. In conversation with me you will clearly see your new direction

We will focus on the most important: what do you want from your career

We will discuss your skills and your career history to see what transferrable skills you have and how to create your own personal story.

You will start moving towards your new career with my support

I am the person, who will help you in transition.
You might encounter resistance, however it’s normal.
In coaching process I’ll help you believe in yourself and see all opportunities

My name is Ekaterina Hajiyeva
Coach ACC ICF, social and organisational psychologist, business trainer.
I changed  career direction several times. I also lived in 4 countries.

Transition is not easy. During transition I've seen my own fears and limitations, I learnt how to deal with them and believe in myself in the most difficult situations.

More than 40 people who worked with me changed their life and learnt how to be happy at work
Let's chat
1st meeting is for 30 minutes. I'll help you to set career goal and decide if coaching is suitable for you.
Я работаю в индивидуальном формате, а также веду мастермайнд группы
It's for you IF:
You have been thinking about career change for a long time. You want a quick change, you are ready and motivated, however don't know yet where to start.

Individual coaching helps move towards your goals quicker, and get professionally individually tailored advice.

We will have:
5 or 10 individual meetings.
Group Coaching /
It's for you IF:
You feel your are alone in your situation (new country, for example). You need people to think through your ideas and get energy from them.

Group work helps build relationships and have a different angle at your work.

We will meet:
Between 3 and 6 months in a group of 4-6 people.
Stages of our work together
You request a 1st meeting with me
You request a 1st meeting with me (free of charge), where you describe your situation and desired outcome.

I send you available times and an invitation for the call
We have a 1st call
(30 min)
You describe your situation.
I ask you some questions to clarify your goal and direction.

I describe how I work and in the end you decide whether you’d like to start coaching
Beginning of work. Setting focus
We define your final desired outcome. Also we discuss the amount and frequency of meetings.

We define the way, which is comfortable for you to move ahead
Coaching work and closure
I help you focus on your goals, improve your thinking and reach your desired outcome.

After we close our work I offer additional 30-min meeting in a months' time to help you keep on track
Feedback from my clients