Индивидуальная работа
Коучинговое сопровождение
1 месяц
300 евро
  • 30-минутная установочная встреча
  • разработка плана работы
  • 3 Коуч-сессии
VIP Коучинговое сопровождение
6 месяцев
1050 евро
  • 30-минутная установочная встреча
  • разработка плана работы
  • 12 Коуч-сессий
  • поддержка в телеграм в течение рабочей недели
Stages of our work together
You request a 1st meeting with me
You request a 1st meeting with me (free of charge), where you describe your situation and desired outcome.

I send you available times and an invitation for the call
We have a 1st call
(30 min)
You describe your situation.
I ask you some questions to clarify your goal and direction.

I describe how I work and in the end you decide whether you’d like to start coaching
Beginning of work. Setting focus
We define your final desired outcome. Also we discuss the amount and frequency of meetings.

We define the way, which is comfortable for you to move ahead
Coaching work and closure
I help you focus on your goals, improve your thinking and reach your desired outcome.

After we close our work I offer additional 30-min meeting in a months' time to help you keep on track
Feedback from my clients