Duration: 12 weeks
If you have encountered yourself amidst change - whether deciding to change job or country, joining this group will help you set goals and calm your mind
Mastermind group is for you if you:
Want to make a big decision
(for example, leave the corporate to freelance)
Find people who would believe in you and your ideas
Want to set a big goal,
but you don't have support
Want more self-realisation
Want to start your own business
Have a goal,
but something is in the way
A mastermind group is not a therapeutic group,
it is not a women's circle, it is not a meeting with girlfriends,
it is systematic work on your big goals with like-minded people
What is mastermind group?
Mastermind offers:
Actions aimed at the result
Support of like-minded people
Strong environment
Creative impulse and an objective view of your situation
5 reasons to join the mastermind group:
Group work helps to
increase self-confidence,
what leads to greater success
in business
Thanks to the preliminary selection, the participants who wil be interesting to each other and will be able to positively influence the development of each other
get into the mastermind
Mastermind group allows members to create
trust and open relationships
Members of the mastermind group give feedback and share experiences, which leads to
more options and solutions
In a mastermind group, you can achieve goals
5-7 times faster than alone
"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together."
African proverb
These are participants' results
How does mastermind group work?
How we work?
Each meeting is focused on the cases of 2 participants.
The participant outlines her/his question within 15 minutes' timeframe. After that, the coach and the rest of the participants provide feedback and recommendations
Duration of work together?
6 online meetings over 3 months.
We meet once every 2 weeks
for 2 hours to discuss pariticipants' questions.
The maximum number
of participants is 4 people
Will there be
a support chat?
There will be a chat
for the participants (telegram), where group will share useful materials and successes
What platform will the interaction take place on?
Zoom platform
How do I form groups?
You fill out the form using this link: * link *
Filling out the questionnaire
I contact you and we agree on the time of consultation
Personal meeting
with me
I finally form the line-up of the group
Forming groups
You pay for participation in the mastermind group
Making payment
We hold an orientation meeting of the group. We negotiate: rules, goals, requests. Determine the focus for 3 months
Meetings take place on schedule. As a result, we hold a meeting where we compare your point A and point B
Movement towards the goal
Cost of participation
- Payment after personal meeting with me
- Telegram support chat
- 6 masterminds (every 2 weeks)
- Focus session (1.5 hours), in which we determine the focus for next 3 months
- 1st meeting of introductions
- Personal meeting with each participant. I select participants with similar interests and goals, so interaction is rich
30 euros (on monthly basis)